He’s got {FRUITY} eyes for you!

Just another GC for me that there are NO wasted or frivolous words in Scripture.



When I read about David, I am always in wonder how God called him the apple of His eye, and would whisper to myself, “Wow…what a blessing.” Like, how special do you need to be to be called the apple of God’s eye?

Then I got to wondering- what does the ‘apple of my eye’ even mean? I know it means to cherish or adore, but what does an apple have to do with the price of eggs? I mean if I’m going to choose a fruit to describe how I cherish someone, I’m gonna go with a pineapple – tastiest of all! So I decided to dig a little. I think God purposely left these little hidden treasures in Scripture for us to find. Little golden nuggets to dig up and devour. I find this the most exciting part of Bible study!

I came to find that the Hebrew…

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Part 2: Rolling Away The Stones


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This is a continuation from the last post My Soil Is Being Disturbed from Matthew 13.

This is from Judy Peterson’s message at our women’s Triennial…PACKED full of good stuff.

Judy relates the brokenness/hurts/trials/tribulations/hard places, etc. i.e. the STONES THAT NEED TO BE ROLLED AWAY to the stone in front of Lazarus’s tomb, blocking him from living. She noted that Jesus wept. That Jesus never takes lightly what you have lost because the hard & heavy things are not the design that He intended for the world. (And even after hearing that several times from repeated listening, that phrase still brings tears to my eyes.) Jesus removed what  was blocking Lazarus from an abundant life. We don’t need to rush past the weeping, but then we need to let Jesus roll the stones away so we can return to the land of the living.


“Hard & heavy things are no problem to very strong God.”

Again I say..This is just a little teaser about a really great message. If you want to hear it in its entirety, go to this site and listen to Judy Peterson’s talk. It’s a little long BUT SO WELL WORTH IT! Not only does she speak truth, she’s funny. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY YOU LISTENED TO THE WHOLE THING.

Part 1: My Soil Is Being Disturbed


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DSCN2673Comfort Creates Complacency. That little painted square of sidewalk confronted me on a recent walk. I do not know who painted it on the sidewalk in my neighborhood nor why.

But I didn’t care much for the sentiment.

I rather LIKE comfort. I change my work clothes for something more comfortable when I get home. I like comfortable furniture, comfortable temperatures, comfortable relationships, a comfortable life.

Yes, my head understands that a comfortable life is NOT the life God calls us to BUT….I’ll admit it…..that’s what I desire. How about you?

So when one of the speakers, Judy Peterson, spoke about our “soil being disturbed” at our women’s Triennial convention last month, I didn’t care much for that, either.  I understand the concept. It TOTALLY convicted me. And I recognize that is exactly what God is doing in “my garden,” but it still scares me. Still makes me “uncomfortable.” And as I said, I like comfort.

But I am trying to submit. I told God that I would. I prayed a while ago that He would use me, that I gave Him permission work in my life, etc. I was nervous about it, but I did it anyway. I said it. Actually I’m still shaking about it but….

The theme of the whole convention was Rooted so obviously, all the talks and sermons related in some way to plants. Judy’s sermon was no different.

She spoke about the Parable of the Sower, renamed by her as the The Dirt on the Dirt because the soil is what we should focus on. Seeds can grow even in poor conditions, but it won’t be as fruitful as it was intended. God the Sower and His seed, will continue to be scattered and sprout wherever He wants them to. She explained that we need to ask ourselves if the soil of our lives is a good environment for the Kingdom of God to grow…to reach its full fruit-bearing potential.


“One of the great hindrances to Kingdom growth is soil that has not been disturbed.  There’s no way for the seed to take ROOT; it just lies on top of the soil.  it’s unable to accomplish the purpose that it was designed for, and the soil misses out.”

“For a relationship with Jesus to grow, life has to be disturbed. Otherwise it will simply become a banquet table for Satan.”

“Jesus was so disturbing; we’ve made him so undisturbing…You have to be ready to have your well-worn path utterly disturbed.”

Something that I really liked about this part of the message was something she said several times: The soil misses out. I’ve never thought about it that way.


But if you can’t wait, go to this site and listen to Judy Peterson’s talk. It’s a little long BUT SO WELL WORTH IT! Not only does she speak truth, she’s funny. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY YOU LISTENED TO THE WHOLE THING. I need to listen to it several times.

Pathetic Has an Upside

I love this. Thank you, Pastor Bryan.

Broken Believers


“And this is the reason: God lives forever and is holy. He is high and lifted up. He says, “I live in a high and holy place…

(pause for emphasis)

but I also live with people who are sad and humble.I give new life to those who are humble and to those whose hearts are broken.”

Isaiah 57:15, NCV

There is no exception, or absolutely no reasoning over this.  Simply put, God is holy and that He lives forever.  That is beyond dispute.  He simply penetrates everything, He is the “first cause” and exercises complete authority over all, and anything that has had any existence whatsoever.  He is all sustaining and completely powerful. This is just basic truth, and these simple ideas woven together, produce some mighty fine theology.

But even with all this, He has a high density love for the desperate.  He searches us out…

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Being Drafted


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A few weeks ago after reading about being “called” in my Bible reading, I did some extra reading & research. I discovered that being “called” meant being SUMMONED. Then during the next Sunday’s sermon, we heard that Biblical “calling” is the same word used for a military summons – in other words,  BEING DRAFTED!


Then I came across the below devotional. There IS a point to all these recent posts & ones to come. Stay tuned….

 From What Is A “Calling?” 

“Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.” – 1 Corinthians 7:20

If you have been in the church culture for a while, you have heard the term “calling” many times. You may have wondered what the term means. If you go to Webster’s Dictionary, you will find there are fifty-nine definitions of the word, “calling!” Fifty-nine! They’re as varied as receiving a call on a telephone or calling a hand in a game of poker. That’s just two of the fifty-nine! But, what is the Biblical definition of calling? A “calling” is a summons by God.

Those of you that were drafted into the military know what it’s like to get a letter from Uncle Sam saying you’ve been drafted into the military. That is a summons by the government for you to serve in the military. Well, God gives a summons. It’s a summons to follow Him. It’s a summons to trust Him. As a matter of fact, in all callings, there is a calling to serve, a calling of unselfishness, a calling of sacrifice. That’s why military service often is referred to as a calling, because the same kind of things are involved – sacrifice, unselfishness, service – when you are receiving a calling of God.

But that’s not all. There’s also a calling to leave the familiar and venture into the unknown. And that causes us to feel inadequate and insecure at times about the calling. (emphasis MINE! Because this is SOOOO TRUE for me right now) But this is good, for it forces us to depend on God. In the New Testament, when Jesus Christ calls, it is most of all a call to follow Him. Then, as we follow Him, He calls us to specific places of service. Have you accepted His call?

I Was Focusing on the Wrong Word….


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This morning I wrote here about trying to surrender and about the hymn “I Surrender All.”  A while later God told me I was concentrating on the WRONG WORD!

My focus should be on ALL!

Wow. Now that’s a change in perspective.

I started to fret about a friend’s situation and what to pray and do and felt the usual  burden of not being able to help. Felt myself getting overwhelmed by the situation and my inadequacy. Felt like I just wanted to ignore it.  Felt the GUILT about…quite honestly….the twinges of annoyance or impatience, etc. that pop up.

He said:

“Surrender it to me. Give her and her situation to me. Relinquish whatever need YOU have to fix it (and you and I both know you have a need to do that). I AM the fixer, not you. You don’t need to ignore the situation. You’re there for the journey, not for the repair work.  Just give it to me. I want you to surrender ALL. Everything. Not just what you think you should or the things you can’t handle. But ALL. Don’t worry about surrendering.  Just RELEASE.  Don’t be burdened. Take MY yoke upon you, and I will give you rest. ”

He’s the fixer. Of everything. Of ALL. Surrender ALL. ALL. What a relief….

Surrender, Dorothy…


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Surrender….That word usually conjures up negative connotations as it did in the Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch doing the commanding. wicked witch

My prayer this morning was one of trying to surrender. I sang about it in a song yesterday at church. I’m opening my hands in a posture of submission. I’m trying. My heart is still wrestling though.

I want to surrender totally to the God who Loves me. I want my heart to be completely open and trusting and surrendered to His Will and His Love and His Healing and everything He has to give to me and everything He wants me to give. To what He’s calling me to do.

I’m still fearful of what that means. I still desire to grab control…even though I know that’s useless and futile and doesn’t mean that I actually HAVE control…..but I’m trying.

I’m trying. I’m praying that He knows my heart and is happy with my progress. With my desire. That even though I’m NOT where I want to be, I’m on the path.  Help me Holy Spirit.

This old hymn came to my mind today in my quiet time as I prayed. I Surrender All.  Then, as He often does, He mentioned it in a devotional I read afterwards. Yes, the devo actually mentioned the same hymn.  Amen, Lord. Make it so.