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This is a continuation from the last post My Soil Is Being Disturbed from Matthew 13.

This is from Judy Peterson’s message at our women’s Triennial…PACKED full of good stuff.

Judy relates the brokenness/hurts/trials/tribulations/hard places, etc. i.e. the STONES THAT NEED TO BE ROLLED AWAY to the stone in front of Lazarus’s tomb, blocking him from living. She noted that Jesus wept. That Jesus never takes lightly what you have lost because the hard & heavy things are not the design that He intended for the world. (And even after hearing that several times from repeated listening, that phrase still brings tears to my eyes.) Jesus removed what  was blocking Lazarus from an abundant life. We don’t need to rush past the weeping, but then we need to let Jesus roll the stones away so we can return to the land of the living.


“Hard & heavy things are no problem to very strong God.”

Again I say..This is just a little teaser about a really great message. If you want to hear it in its entirety, go to this site and listen to Judy Peterson’s talk. It’s a little long BUT SO WELL WORTH IT! Not only does she speak truth, she’s funny. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY YOU LISTENED TO THE WHOLE THING.