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Surrender….That word usually conjures up negative connotations as it did in the Wizard of Oz with the Wicked Witch doing the commanding. wicked witch

My prayer this morning was one of trying to surrender. I sang about it in a song yesterday at church. I’m opening my hands in a posture of submission. I’m trying. My heart is still wrestling though.

I want to surrender totally to the God who Loves me. I want my heart to be completely open and trusting and surrendered to His Will and His Love and His Healing and everything He has to give to me and everything He wants me to give. To what He’s calling me to do.

I’m still fearful of what that means. I still desire to grab control…even though I know that’s useless and futile and doesn’t mean that I actually HAVE control…..but I’m trying.

I’m trying. I’m praying that He knows my heart and is happy with my progress. With my desire. That even though I’m NOT where I want to be, I’m on the path.  Help me Holy Spirit.

This old hymn came to my mind today in my quiet time as I prayed. I Surrender All.  Then, as He often does, He mentioned it in a devotional I read afterwards. Yes, the devo actually mentioned the same hymn.  Amen, Lord. Make it so.