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SanDiegoChargersI wonder if any of you had as much fun as we did last night? I don’t think so….wanna hear?

1) Got last minute FREE tickets to the Chargers. Score, baby! Time for some fun!

2) Took a leisurely hour & a half drive down the freeway to Old Town to catch the trolley to Qualcomm – twice the time it should have so we had plenty of time to relax in our car…surrounded by lots of other people relaxing in their cars.

3) Took a scenic tour around Old Time for about 30 minutes looking for a parking place. It was fun.

4) Almost found one too early which meant we wouldn’t have had that scenic tour but luckily, we couldn’t fit. The good news is we exchanged a couple of compliments about our respective direction-giving and listening qualities….but I won’t quote what was said. It’s a little private thing between couples. Maybe you have had 1 or 2 of those….

5)  Had fun on the trolley listening to some young women laugh & chat about how gooooood Coors Light tastes in a can as they quickly popped open a couple. They were thirsty.

6) Found out that my little clutch-size purse was a LITTLE ROOMIER than I realized & DIDN’T QUITE pass the new rule for NFL game admission. Gave me an opportunity to sport the latest in clear plastic bags! Fashionable!

7) Got a little exercise as we headed to the gate where we were directed to check-in my bag.

8) Found the gate closed so we got to converse & make new friends as we asked staff where we needed to head next.

9) Got a little more exercise as we strolled to the big white tent in the middle of the parking lot where bag check-in was happening. Also got a little rest from our exercise as we waited…

10) With fashionable clear plastic bag in hand, had a nice little stroll around the stadium looking for a gate that wasn’t closed already & entered to find some sustenance and a restroom. My bladder control had been in practice for a while. Good for the body!

11) Good thing our wait in line for pizza didn’t come to fruition because we forgot we’re having pizza tonight! Yep, it was quite sweet of Oggi’s to run out of pizza so we didn’t have to eat it 2 nights in a row.

12) That $40 dinner of fried chicken strips, garlic fries and beer is really going to help our health! We will have protection from heart disease, cancer, viral infections, etc. as well as protection from vampires for about a year! Hooray for garlic! The bad news: the Budweiser in a can didn’t taste nearly as gooooood as the Coors Light in a can must have tasted.

13) Luckily, we didn’t have to sit in those bad, uncomfortable end zone seats for very long. We missed the boring first 3 quarters. Yep, I’m sure they were more boring than what we had been doing….having an adventure!

14) And also luckily, we didn’t have to see the final nail in the Charger’s coffin as the Seahawks made their last touchdown, bringing the score to 31-10. Nope, we got to leave a couple of minutes early to go get in line to retrieve my purse. The one that WASN’T QUITE small enough.

15) Got to do a little people-watching while we waited for my purse. It was nice how the staff went out into the disorganized line & got claim tickets and ID’s from the people BEHIND us so they weren’t cluttering up the line BEHIND us. AND I got a big FREE paper bag to take home to use for future purposes. FREE!

16) Got to know a few more people up close & intimately on the trolley back to our car. Nothing like a crowded trolley to keep you warm on a cool night.

Yep. Fun night. How was yours?

I’m sure God had some learning in there somewhere for me.  Patience? Well, I guess there wasn’t AS MUCH impatience as there has been in the past. Learning to control tempers? Ditto about the past. I did laugh hysterically for a couple of minutes. Does that count? Learning what’s important & what’s not? Guess you could make an argument for that…..but it’s a stretch.

Not sure that ANY learning happened or that my character was improved or anything remotely worthy of a Christian blog post. But hey. It makes a good story.

Have a great weekend!