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first stepMore about what I wrote here….

In January, before I saw the video and screen I referenced, I met someone from my denomination (and that’s another whole story in itself. Seeing His Fingerprints in lots of places) who was a regional coordinator in a ministry called Mending the Soul, whose mission is “an educational and equipping ministry created to serve the church and the community by embodying the justice, mercy, and goodness of God. We believe we best show: God’s justice by prophetically standing against abuse; God’s mercy by protecting the vulnerable and helping to heal the broken; His goodness by loving the broken and helping to restore the exquisite male and female design for healthy relationships.”

As this regional coordinator explained what the ministry was, I was very intrigued in light of the GC’s I’d been experiencing about brokenness, healing, etc. It stayed in the back of my mind for months until I learned about our denomination’s national “once-every-three-years gathering of multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-vocational, multi-expressional women” called Triennial XIV being held basically in my backyard this year.

Guess what one of the workshops is? Yep, Mending the Soul Facilitator Training. Guess who’s the leader? Yep, same woman.

Still, I hesitated to register for it. With reasons such as “I’m not sure if this is really where God is leading me, I’m not sure I have the time, I don’t think I can do anything like that, I don’t think I’m qualified even if I got training, etc.”

But honestly, I’ll confess here…what I’ve come to realize is what I REALLY meant was “I’m afraid. I’m afraid WHERE God is leading me. I’m afraid WHAT He wants me to do. I’m afraid HOW my life may change.”

And even….”I’m afraid to face my own wounds, whatever they are. I’m afraid to peel back the carefully placed camouflage and bandaids and uncover hurts and heartbreaks that keep me from living the abundant life Jesus offers.”  As the MTS video says “There are 2 categories of people: those who admit they’ve been wounded & need God’s healing….and those who aren’t ready to admit they’ve been wounded & need God’s healing.”

Then I was sent the clincher……Through a blog that I subscribe to, I was led to Cheryl Meakins’ blog when I found a button on her page “Join me in San Diego, CA for Triennial XIV.”  WHAT?!?

And another guess what? She’s going to the workshop. She encouraged me to  register.  Yeah……I get it, Lord. You want me to register. You want me to go.

I registered. I’m going.

As I posted here, at this point, I’m just going to walk through the door He’s opened….take the first step. I have to trust that He’ll open the next doors in His time.