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After I received a G.K. Chesterton quote twice in one week, I thought about it a while. At first glance, it seems pretty black and white, self-explanatory.  But for me, it’s not. It has really caught my attention, and I want NEED to dissect it for some reason. I wasn’t sure which part of the quote intrigued me the most:

The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.

There are so many thoughts in my mind about all this and so many rabbit trails I’m heading down that this will probably not be very organized & clear, but I’ll try. There are a couple of posts along these lines.

The sermon, entitled The Heart of a Seeker, (mentioned here) that referenced this quote emphasized discipleship and the abundant life that Christ promised us – a closer relationship with Jesus.  One that we would want to share with others. Discipleship is NOT easy.  But even before that is discussed, there’s this little thing of RECEIVING. Just accepting the grace & love of Jesus is not easy. It SHOULD be easy. After all, He gave us a gift. But we MAKE it hard.

GiftAccording to another sermon message I heard recently, most of us have a very hard time receiving and accepting the love that God wants to give us. Not just receiving and accepting from God, but that most of us have a problem receiving gifts or help from anyone.  I actually always thought that it was just me and my issue/problem, but I guess I’m not that “special” to feel/think something that no one else does. Seems like there are more of us in the club than I thought.

Why do we have such a hard time? What do we think? We’re not worthy? We don’t deserve it? Now we’re obligated? We’re too proud?  Makes us look weak?

Sure, some gifts are given to obligate us, to manipulate us. But the majority of gifts are given out of love.

As I recently read, “Too many Christians do ministry from a place of their own needs. They do good deeds because it’s a part of the identity they want: I’m that guy who does those things for people. I’m the girl who is always there. I’m the one who saves the day. Similarly others cultivate relationships because they have love-needs that are yet to be met in their lives – needs designed to be met by Christ alone.” Later I read, ” He (God) did not create us out of need but out of His nature.  HE DID NOT CREATE US TO GET LOVE FROM US BUT TO GIVE LOVE TO US.”  Wow. Double wow.

Then the speaker of the above sermon explained that the Triune is the “hospitable house of Love that we are invited into!”  That the fullness of the Spirit is complete wholeness within, at home in God’s love.

So is receiving the love of Christ the difficult part that is left untried? Does it seem too manipulative for people? Is it too hard to accept that God created us to give us love? To just accept His love because it seems “too easy…there must be a catch?”

Coming up:

Exploring such topics as developing a REAL relationship with Jesus, the Christian Ideal, Incarnational Christianity.

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