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Hamster-with-sign_XS-300x283 OK,  I’m not really spinning around that wheel getting nowhere. I’m actually making headway and getting things accomplished. But I feel as tired as if I were just running & running & running around & around. So, so tired.

Truth is: I’m way over-committed. There are just too many activities. But luckily things are winding down a little. Hang in with me…I do have a point. You don’t really have to read my list of activities if you don’t want. Just skip ahead.

  • Our Pastoral Search Committee has its last interview Sunday afternoon so we’ll be meeting next week to make the decision about who we are recommending to our Leadership Team and congregation. We have been meeting at least once a week since October, with the last couple of months meeting at least twice a week.
  • There’s only one more Friday night children’s program until summer break. I need to evaluate whether I continue with that next fall.
  • My high school senior’s swim season has started (boohoo, last child’s sporting season). We took him to a veeerrrrrry long UCLA Bruin Day last weekend (yes, he was accepted out of a record-breaking 100,000+ applicants…and yes, I’m boasting). Along with a myriad of other “lasts” and “firsts,” and I certainly don’t want to miss these last few high school events or exciting ones for his future….
  • Our Life Group is on an ACCELERATED Read thru the Bible plan. Not just reading God’s Word daily…but reading A LOT of God’s Word Daily. I’m totally to blame for that one. It was allllllll my idea…..
  • In order to help take care of my family’s health and grocery needs, I decided to plant a vegetable garden. Elevated raised bed construction done & some things actually planted. Much more to go though. Of course, because it’s already April, my husband & I had to work for many hours to make the box, gather the materials for the soil mixture of peat moss/vermiculite/and several different kinds of compost, and actually mix & prepare the box for planting.
  • I work full-time and in addition, tomorrow I work at a street fair, selling products for my company.
  • Uh, there’s more…..but I’ll stop.

These are all good things. And most of them were planned and committed to well in advance of this time. Some are just life. So how in the world did this happen? OK, I just laughed a little with my words of choice: “how in the world.” Guess that answers my question right there.

Earthly vs. Kingdom activities. And even the Kingdom activities need to be “approved” by the King.

Yes, the pastoral search qualifies as an Kingdom activity, but the degree of intensity & time is also determined by the mixture of personalities on that team. Trust me about that. The children’s program at church is also a Kingdom activity, but is this the place God wants me to spend my time & my giftedness?  Am I doing that ministry just because there’s a need or because He wants me there? Is there another ministry that He’s calling me to rather than this one? I think so. But I’m waiting to hear for certain.

God knew that this time was coming. He warned me. He tried to prepare me. I wrote a reflection for a sermon topic in March about Unplug and Be Refreshed. I’m not being very obedient about the 4th Commandment. Solomon told us “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” My mind and body are telling me the time for rest is now.