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After I heard someone talking about this on KWVE radio, I forced recommended cajoled encouraged my Life Group to Read the Bible in 90 Days. We are not participating in their program but are following a schedule, and during our weekly get-together, discussing what we read. It is, and will be, a streeeeeetch to complete this task in such a compressed period of time, but it seemed right to do this. I had started reading through the Bible last summer/fall, but I know we are going to grow so much from this intense, dedicated time in His Word. So far, we gotten through Genesis, and I already have a lot to think about and write about what He’s already shown me.  Now I just need the time. Not a lot of time left over after such an intense reading schedule. *Insert smile*

During the reading, I found a note in the version I was using. And even though, the goal is to just READ and not be distracted by notes or stopping to research something that is intriguing (we’re supposed to keep notes & study later), these particular words grabbed me for a few reasons.  One, I’ve always struggled with what I call the Moses-Syndrome. “Who am I, that I should……” whatever I feel God is telling me to do/say. Two, someone said something similar to me a few months ago.

God’s presence in Abram’s life does not appear to be based upon any special meritorious qualities that Abram himself might possess but simply because God chooses him as the man through whom he will bless all of mankind.

Simply because God chooses.