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This blog was born almost a year ago with this post about My One Word. I also wrote more about why I’m writing it here.

For several years, I feel that God has given me  a “theme verse,” and those still apply to my life! But the One Word concept has really focused me. Last year’s word was BE…which obviously shaped this blog.  I’ve been trying to re-focus myself after all the busyness & craziness & “holiday events” over the past couple of months….He’s still been talking to me, but I haven’t been able to truly process it all…until I started back journaling again.  I missed it.

After a couple of false starts for My One Word, it’s become clear that my word for 2013 is FAITH. And that my “theme verse” is 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” Lots of GC’s!!!! Including a sermon last week entitled “The Key to 2013: Faith.”

You see, I’m pretty sure that I am being directed along a path that God has been guiding me to for years…preparing me, teaching me, etc.  A path that either I tried to ignore/deny or that it just wasn’t His timing yet…I’m not sure.  But either way, I know that it will require me to just take Faith Steps one at a time & trust Him to do His work in me.

Should be some interesting scenery along the way…