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I had a dream Saturday night.  I mainly just remember the gist of it except for the last words I said:   YOU ARE NOT GOD.  I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOU. I WILL NOT WORSHIP YOU.

In the dream, a new choir director came to town that everyone loved…except me.  And I must have shown my dislike/non-approval/distrust because he wouldn’t let me sing. I was heartbroken because I love to sing. In my dream, I even said that singing was my life.

And this choir director kept pulling me aside to disparage me and belittle me and tell me how great he was.  Everyone thought so. Why didn’t I?  Why had I disrepected him so?  I didn’t understand. I was the one who felt disrespected, left out, sad because I couldn’t participate.  This choir was huge!  It seemed that almost everyone was in it.  And people couldn’t resist telling me what a great party they were going to have.

One day, the director pulled me aside again, to make sure I knew that he wouldn’t let me sing in his choir. In fact this time, he told me that I had always thought I was special, but that I wasn’t. I didn’t sing well and others were taking my place. And he told me that he didn’t care.  That he never gave me a thought at all. I was too insignificant for him to even think about.

As I started to feel sad & even cry, I realized in my heart that it wasn’t true. I said, “That’s a lie. If that’s the case, then why do you keep pulling me aside to tell me? You obviously think SOMETHING of me.”

And then something else came to me. I realized something big. Something God was telling me. As I started to speak, I breathed “Thank You, Lord.” Then I said, “YOU ARE NOT GOD.  I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOU. I WILL NOT WORSHIP YOU.”

Sunday morning, our sermon from Pastor Alex was about authority figures –  Matthew 8:5-13. How we, as humans, respond to authority figures. And how history shows that humans, in our fallen state, can blindly follow authority figures, even when it means harm to others.

Pastor Alex told us that Jesus was THE authority figure. With these questions:

  • Can I trust Jesus (does He have authority)?
  • Should I trust Jesus (how does He use his authority)?
  • Will I trust Jesus (will I actually submit to His authority)?

Last week I read a comment from Billy Graham that totally resonated with me: “commitment = surrender.”

From the number of music videos I post, you may have realized that music touches me so much & that I do love to sing. God definitely uses things that are important to us to communicate with us. I recall that this was the 2nd dream I’ve had about a choir director/worship leader, although the other one was many years ago. Everyone was deceived about her. She was sweet, kind and nice-looking. Everyone loved her. I kept trying to tell everyone that she wasn’t who she seemed! Not to trust her! I knew she was evil, but no one listened to me.

So….have I committed fully to Jesus? Have I submitted completely to His authority? Have we as Christians? Have you? Beware the deceiver.

1 Peter 5:8: Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Update: Before I published this, on my way to work this morning, I tuned into KWVE radio and what were the VERY FIRST WORDS I HEARD?


I kid you not.

The sermon message from Pastor Jon Courson was not actually on being deceived by the evil one, but another topic. HOWEVER, obviously God wanted me to hear this another way!