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I read about this very intriguing exercise recently. Try it. See what you think.

When I was in college, my psychology professor had our class participate in a test. The test was that each student in his or her mind envisioned a journey along a path. Each student was told to create his or her own details of the journey. At the last part of the path was a wall, where we were told to write down what that wall looked like and how we got to the other side of it. Then, we shared some of our own differing details out loud. At the end, the professor explained what each detail about the wall and getting to the other side of it represented in our life.

If you want to participate in this little exercise, STOP READING NOW!

When it came to the wall, some classmates saw a large concrete wall with barbed wire or a brick wall that they had to scale and struggle to get over. The professor called on me and asked me what my wall looked like. My answer seemed very different from the others in the class. My wall was the wall of a home, and to get to the other side, I simply opened the door and walked in. My professor looked at me for a moment, and said, “Interesting.” For, according to the professor, the wall represented our view on death, and how you get to the other side represented the amount of fear one has in facing death.

My professor may not have understood my answer that day, but I did. For a Christian, the end of this life means going home to heaven. I don’t need to be afraid of the afterlife or dying or what comes next, for I have the promises of Jesus in my life. I have been given the mercy and grace of a Savior who died for us all so that we may have eternal life.

The Bible gives us glimpses of heaven, but not an ultimate picture of what is waiting for us. What we do know about heaven is this: It will be home. Jesus has gone ahead to prepare a place for each person who believes. We may know little about what is on the other side of this life, but we know this also: God is there. We will spend eternity somewhere greater than we can even imagine, simply because Jesus is there. And that is enough. There is no reason to be afraid.

In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. John 14:2

Interesting about the death part, isn’t it?  I wasn’t expecting that. As I was visualizing this journey, this path, I wasn’t thinking about how I view death, but LIFE! Life in this time, life here on earth.  My path was winding & meandering as opposed to a straight shot. Which makes sense for me….The wall was one of those with the big rough stucco-type concrete blocks that are mortared together.  This wall was not wide. In fact, it barely extended past the pathway. But I didn’t think about walking around it. Nope. Not me. Nuh huh. I visualized trying to climb it, trying to use those little ledges where the mortar is –  to try to establish a foothold and to grasp it with the tips of my fingers. I can’t do it. It’s rough, very rough, and my fingers get torn up & and I keep falling back. UNTIL someone comes along and shows me that all I have to do is walk AROUND it to get to the other side.

And that, my friends, pretty much sums up where I’ve been spiritually. Struggling to do it myself.  Making it harder than it needs to be.  How I wish my visualization had been similar to the author’s.  I LOVE that.  That is my prayer. To completely & totally surrender.  Still working on it. It IS getting a little easier, but my path is still meandering.

About the analogy to death. Guess I am afraid of the actual DYING part. Fear of pain, suffering, leaving my family, etc. But as for what awaits me?  That part I am anticipating with eagerness.