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In light of the recent “discovery” of a papyrus fragment where supposedly Jesus talks about “my wife,” I have a question.

So what? So what if Jesus WAS married?

Would it diminish Him as God? Take away from His deity?

I’m not writing to debate the authenticity of this papyrus. And I’m not being dishonoring, disrespectful, sacrilegious or anything like that. I’m honestly curious. Not whether He actually WAS married, but would it make a difference if He was?

We’ve probably all been taught that Jesus wasn’t married, but does the Bible actually say that? It certainly doesn’t say that He WAS, but there’s a lot the Bible doesn’t tell us, isn’t there? God tells us what He wants us to know….the important things that will draw us near to Him, point us to Jesus, teach us how to be more like Christ….Does the Bible indicate that for Jesus to have been married would be wrong? Maybe it does somewhere. I certainly don’t know everything that the Bible says.

Jesus was not only fully Divine but also fully human. Yes, perfect, without sin, but still fully human.  That’s always been a little hard for me to imagine and understand, but aren’t we told that He experienced all the same emotions? He ate. He had the same bodily functions we do, as weird as that is to think about! Again, I don’t want to be disrespectful. (And if I am, Lord, please forgive me.) Just stating facts.

For me, this question about whether He was married is kinda like HOW the universe & earth were created. I have no idea HOW He did it exactly, but to me, that’s not really important. Intriguing to think about, but so what? I believe He did it. It’s not important to my faith to know HOW.

So what? Does it matter if He was married? Just asking….