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Bible Study 2

Bible Study 2 (Photo credit: DrGBB)

In connection with my previous post – God’s Way or My Own Way.

Along with reading the Chronological Bible, I am reading a book called The God Who Is There – Finding Your Place in God’s Story by D.A. Carson. It basically walks you through the Bible and expounds or “unpacks” the story.  The foundation of the Bible. I found this book by accident (oh, really, Chrystal? By “accident?”) and it is proving to be a great companion to my Bible reading.

Anyway, right after I published God’s Way or My Own Way, I was reading this book. Right before this section, it had been discussing how Genesis 1 and 2 fit into the whole Bible and into our lives.  Hang on to your hats.

What the Bible says about creation is what grounds the notion of human accountability and responsibility.

Why should I obey God? If he wants to take me in directions that I do not like, who is he to tell me what to do? Surely I am free to choose the other gods or invent my own. I can belt out the popular song “I did it my way.” (ha! Isn’t that ironic?) Who is he to boss me around? I defy him.

Unless he made me; unless he designed me. In that case, I owe him everything – life and breath and everything else, such that if I do not see it that way, then I am out of line with my Maker. I am out of line with the one who designed me and with what I am designed by God himself to be. I am fighting against myself as well as against the God who made me. (ahhh, remember my Wrestling post?!?) All of human accountability and responsibility before god is ground in the first instance in creation. He made us, and we owe him. If we do not recognize this simple truth, then, according to the Bible, that blindness is itself a mark of how alienated from him we are. It is for our good that we recognize it, not because he is the supreme bully but because without him, we would not even be here, and we will certainly have to give an account to him.

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