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This morning, I had to ask for forgiveness. He has been teaching me about the leading of the Holy Spirit and obedience….and like a small child who sticks out his tongue and disobeys his parent, I ignored something He had warned me about in advance AND even reminded me WHILE I was disobeying. And I disobeyed anyway.

What is wrong with me?

Then I read my perpetual calendar with today’s verse, Philipians 2:5:

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.

Billy Graham said, “The human mind cannot be a vacuum. It will be filled either with good or evil. It will either be carnal or Christlike. We can control the kind of thoughts that enter our minds. Some unknown wise man has suggested: ‘Give your mind to Christ that you may be guided by His wisdom.'”

Wise man indeed.

My prayer: to humble myself, lay aside my willfulness and worry, and to determine to obey You.

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