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I’m feeling a little crazy!  I’m either starting, in the middle of, or glancing longingly at the waiting stack of tomes that are like the siren’s call to me…OR rereading some favs where I see something new & wonderful, depending on where I am in my journey, each time I read them.

This doesn’t include the Bible or my daily devotions, The Hunger Games series that I now want to read or even the entertaining books on my precious little companion, my Kindle in its cute little red cover, that I like to read at night to relax.

These are all – seriously – books that are making me think, teaching me, helping me understand, grow, heal, and leading me closer and closer to God. And I want to read them ALL RIGHT NOW!

I’m obsessing.

I work full-time, have a family to take care of, meetings to attend. I only have a small time window to read every day PLUS I’m journaling about what I’m reading and  learning and trying to write SOME of what I’m learning here.

But I’m hungering for these books. I feel like Burgess Meredith’s character Henry Bemis in the Twilight Zone episode Time Enough at Last.  Click on the photo if you want to watch it.

I feel that I’m being led to these books because they all dovetail into each other, building on things God is teaching me. But I only have 2 hands, 2 eyes and a brain that is being taxed in other ways these days.

Need. More. Focus.

Have you felt scattered like this before?  It’s ALL good, but I need a plan. I need the BEST.

Lord, focus me “where, when and how” so that You can unveil what I need in Your time, not mine.