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……I’m going to share something with you.

I actually feel butterflies in my stomach about this and truly wonder if I should publish this. But I think I’m supposed to.  So I’m praying even as I type. Is this too personal? Lord, is this just MY private thing to ponder in my heart? Or is this a way of “stepping out of the shadows” that I heard about in Sunday’s sermon?

Today is my younger son’s 17th birthday, and the Holy Spirit reminded me this morning about one of my very important purposes in life and the unique way He told me.

About three years ago at my Life Group, we were discussing our concerns about our lives not mattering, not making a difference, etc. One of the members mentioned that some people get their sense of worth through their accomplishments. I leaned over to another friend and joked, “THERE’S my problem. I don’t have any major accomplishments!”

My husband and I came home that night to find the aforementioned son asleep on the couch. As I tried to awaken him, he, still asleep, said very clearly, “SECOND ACCOMPLISHMENT.”

“What?” my husband and I laughed, “Honey, what did you say?” Again, “SECOND ACCOMPLISHMENT.”

How random, we thought. What is he dreaming about?

Later, in the middle of the night (yes, I am a middle-of-the-night and in-the-shower revelation kind of girl), I suddenly and completely woke up with the words SECOND ACCOMPLISHMENT and the clear understanding that my 2nd son was my second accomplishment and my firstborn was my 1st.

The very next day in an email devotion, I got my confirmation. “I guess the part of me that wants to hustle through these mundane tasks longs for the excitement of the “real” work, the stuff that really matters. You know, the exciting stuff that God is calling me to do that is so much more important than the mundane tasks that fill my days. Then the thought occurred to me, “What if the seemingly mundane activities of my day ARE the real stuff?”

And I am blessed.