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Whoa Nellie! Yessiree, I started heading down the wrong path, but thankfully, the Holy Spirit took ahold of the reins and steered me away from the Badlands.anyjazz65 /Foter

Okay, enough of the cowgirl talk. Seriously, I was writing a couple of posts that I just didn’t feel comfortable about – couldn’t get the words right and kept re-writing…so I asked for guidance during my journaling time. Then during my shower – what?!? Don’t you get revelations from the Creator of the Universe during YOUR shower? Yes, I know it’s weird but it happens a lot! Something about being vulnerable, I think, but that’s another story for another time – I suddenly realized that I was trying to be someone else. Someone more poetic & eloquent. Someone with grandiose ideas. (Like how I threw those big words in?)Someone who began the posts with a good question or thought but then tried to turn it into something…well, not me!

God: BE AUTHENTIC. Really, Chrystal, that was the WHOLE POINT (and that explanation would be here under WHY THIS BLOG at the top) of this!

Me: Oooohhh yeah. To talk about what I think, feel, worry about, and about our conversations – in my journal, quiet time, through books I read, and yes, even in the shower.

This is my effort to take some of those written conversations I have with God, make them a little less rambling, a little less personal, a little more organized and to the point – if I can. I said I’d try….

This post serves as a reminder to me…to keep me on the right path.