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Within a millisecond, my heart started pounding, my breathing became ragged, my face flushed and I yelled “You Stupid Person!!!!!”  Yes, I actually yelled “Stupid.”  “Why do you think we’re all waiting in this long line?”

Palladius /Foter

That’s right.  I am ashamed to admit this childish and angry response was due to someone cutting in front of me and the other 20 cars, waiting to turn right. Those of us FOLLOWING THE RULES! How DARE they think they are more important than us, more in a rush than us, more worthy than us? There are RULES, people! RULES!


Yep, before I even had the chance to make that right turn, those words entered my consciousness, through the cloud of anger.

Oh, I try to console myself a little, excuse my actions. My windows were rolled up, no one heard me, right? No one knew I overreacted, that I totally blew it.  And anyway, my morning wasn’t going well…I overslept, I couldn’t find my keys, I forgot my…..fill in the blank.

Grace. That thing we all want to receive but don’t always want to give. We know what’s going on with US when we mess up. We rationalize OUR behavior. But those other people? Just jerks. Idiots. STUPID.