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That’s My One Word. Short. Sweet. Simple. Uh, strike that last one. Because this word is FAR from simple. This may be the most complex, complicated word in the dictionary: “To exist in actuality; have reality or life.” I want to exist in God’s actuality from now on because…..well, mine isn’t working so great.

 I came across this one word concept – this challenge that narrows the long list of improvements that YOU want to make in your life to a single thing that centers on what GOD wants in your life – and my mind danced over about 50 words in the span of a few short moments. Well, of course, it did. I have this long history of viewing my imperfections, my flaws, my weaknesses with a very powerful magnifying glass.  My litany of words included trust, surrender, open, ORDER  grateful ,humility, ABIDE, engage, follow, consistent, INTENTIONAL, along with platitudes like healthy, wealthy and wise….until I decided FOCUS might be a better word for me.

 Then my heart heard BE.

 The word that covers everything in any given moment. Everything that God wants of me.  As I need it.  In God’s actuality, God’s reality, God’s life for me.